A Day At The Zoo Photos


I’ve created a gallery for the photos that were my inspiration for my new coloring book that is coming out soon. I hope it will be a useful resource for artists trying to choose which colors they want to use in coloring the hand drawn designs on my posters and in the new book!

As of this post, there are thirty-three images in the gallery. I may add some more later.

Yellow bird, name unknown

(This bird)

Do you see the yellow bird with the black head? That’s my mystery photo!

I mislaid the information on this bird–if I ever had it–and my efforts to research have come up with nothing. If you should happen to visit the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, where that photo was taken, and discover the bird’s genus and species, and anything else about it that you would be happy to share, I would very much like to know! I don’t have time to get over to the zoo right now.

In thanks, I will credit you with the information in the final published book, and send you a special hand drawn coloring page to download.

Don’t Be Koi! Color This Poster

Colorful Koi Lilies Large Archival Coloring Poster

Can you do it?

Can you color well enough to make this poster a keepsake, proudly framed and displayed upon the wall of a dining room or living room, in a den or a bedroom?

Will your friends and family stop by to admire the beauty of your artwork, and, upon learning that you colored it, congratulate you on the depth and richness of the colors, the blending, the effort you so clearly put into making a thing to be loved and cherished, not just by you, but by generations after you?

If the answer to these questions is yes…

To buy this large archival matte poster, click through to the sale page!

Coloring For Adults Is The New Thing!

Scarlet Macaws Kiss Sketch Large Coloring Poster Young Male Giraffe Sketch Large Coloring Poster
And hey, I can certainly see why! I love coloring too! It’s soothing and enjoyable to sit here, feeling the smoothness of the paper while making small soft circles with a colored pencil… Maybe with some soft lovely music playing on stereo!

Lately I’ve gotten to know a lot of people who are enthusiastic about coloring! My circle of friends is expanding rapidly as we all enjoy this wonderful past-time, and share our projects to ooh and ahhh over!

Black Langur Monkey Sketch Large Coloring Poster
But–I’ve gotta be honest with my new friends! While I do like to color, I’m more likely to be found creating new artwork than coloring someone else’s. So, when I started making all of these new friends who are into coloring, I became totally inspired, and created a series of drawings based of photographs I’ve taken on trips to the zoo and nature centers near where we live.

I’m now beginning to turn some of these sketches into large, archival quality matte posters that can be colored and framed, and appreciated for the masterpieces that they are!

Happy Llama Sketch Large Coloring Poster I wonder…would you like a poster you can spend hours happily coloring, and then hang on your wall?

I hope to keep adding neat and interesting designs to my website every few days. Dear friends, I hope you’ll drop by and shop for that perfect design to color!

And… if you should happen to fall in love with one of my first four posters, you can find them here.

Happy coloring!

Adding Coloring Books To My Portfolio

Happy Llama

Happy Llama

You may notice–if you’ve ever dropped by before, that this website is undergoing major change! One of the few features that won’t be disappearing is my portfolio.

I’m re-designing this website to sell coloring books and large coloring posters, and other items that can be colored and enjoyed.

I’m also getting ready to publish a coloring book for adults featuring zoo animals. It should be out around the middle of February, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The book is 8.5 by 11 inches, and features 48 hand drawn illustrations on quality paper. To prevent bleed-through, each illustration is printed on one side of each sheet, with a short description on the back.

When this coloring book for adults comes out, I plan to add it to my portfolio!

Stay tuned for more updates…

A Time To Rebuild

Creative Indie Designs logoI used to use this website to showcase and sell my book cover designs, but…I ran into the classic problem: if everyone is making and selling book covers (driving the value into the ground), then… how was I going to make money at it?

I finally concluded that I wasn’t. But–I loved this website! It was a great website, and I loved the domain name, and I wanted to keep it.

So…I was in the middle of re-purposing Creative Indie Designs to use for selling coloring books, and…then the hackers struck, and my websites had to move servers.

What to do? I can’t–I won’t–let the hackers win.

So, I’m rebuilding again!

Stay tuned for more updates…